What is Office 365 & How to login to Office 365 Account?

Back in the 1960s when ARPANET was launched, it changed the way of thinking and the world started moving towards digital networks. Then in 1983 ARPANET was named as the Internet which we are using nowadays.

The Internet brings a lot of new things with it like the use of computers increases and people start socializing and get connected to the world. Many new web services use the Internet as their premium medium and provide you a lot of amazing features. Internet surfing, live streaming, wikipedia, emails and social sites are some of the benefits or we can say that it’s all because of the Internet.

Microsoft is a software company that has launched many products that use the internet as its premium medium but recently they have started working on the offline products that can work both online and offline. Microsoft Office or simply Office 365 is the latest Office app through which many amazing features can be accessed easily.

What is Office 365?

If you are here to get information about the latest product of Microsoft that is Office 365 then you are in the right place. In this article we will mainly focus on what is Office 365? What are the features of Office 365? And How to login to Office 365 Account?

Office 365 is the subscription service offered by Microsoft as part of other Office products. After the beta test in October of 2010, Office 365 was launched properly on June 28, 2011. As this is the Microsoft product so all the Office 365 plans get automatically updated after a specific time when microsoft released its new update. Many different apps are offered by Office 365 such as Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook etc. Recently on 21 April, 2020 Microsoft planned to change the name from Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

Key Features of Office 365

Following are some key features of Office 365.

  • You can access Office 365 anywhere at any time.
  • Real time Co-authoring
  • Powermap for Excel
  • Team chat applications
  • Built in security features
  • External users
  • Microsoft planners with workflows

How to login to Office 365 Account?

In order to get login to Microsoft Office 365 Account you have to follow the below listed steps.

  1. Go to www.office365.com and select the sign in option.
  2. Here you will see the option where you can enter the email address and password. You can enter here your personal email address which has been assigned to you by Microsoft or you can simply add the username and password you use with your work or educational institute account.
  3. Click to sign in then open the Office 365 application from the app launcher and start enjoying the amazing features of Office 365.

If you still have any query then you can go to the HELP section, which is available on the official website of Office 365. Here you can find all the necessary information and even you can ask questions regarding your issues. Hope you like the information

Best alternatives for Netflix and Prime

We all want a perfect streaming solution, do we not? And we want it to be easy to use, without any hassle. We know that Netflix and Prime are simply love-the best streaming service providers around.

But what if you get to watch online movies and TV shows for free? Yes, you read that right. We have made a list of free streaming service providers around and ranked them, so you are able to choose the best according to your needs.


1. AZMovies

As the name suggests, AZ Movies is the place where you find every movie from letter A to Z. Oh wait, just kidding! Nevertheless, the site offers a vast range of movies and TV shows.

Just a click, and you can watch your favorite movie online for free. One of the most noticeable things about AZ movies is that it only offers HD quality and no less which makes your user experience nothing short of the best. Moreover, the site offers more than 3 servers, you can always use the backup options. Isn’t that cute?

2. WatchFree

Next in line is WatchFree, one of the best streaming service providers with a huge database of movies and TV shows from around the world that you can watch online for free.

The website is frequently updated to add any new movies and TV shows that are released so you will not have to wait much if you make it your choice. Just once visit to the website and you will have a feel that the website is tailor-made for you due to its easy and intuitive interface.

The site does not require a sign up and offers HD quality with high speed. A cute addition is the website’s Facebook page ensuring that you are never left without an update about the website.

3. GoStream

If you want more choice for quality, then GoStream offers a better deal. Movies and TV shows are listed in all qualities: HD, SD, and CAM for you to choose from. You do not have to register, and the most amazing part is the ads and pop-up free environment that Go Stream offers.

This has built a trust for GoStream and that is why it is listed in our top 5 most trending. And surely, the website interface with all the filters and genre tabs is something that makes life easier.

4. MoviesJoy

Like the name, MoviesJoy gives you joy, and we are not even kidding this time. MoviesJoy is an amazing streaming service where you can watch free online movies and TV shows without any registration or credit card. And there are no ads, is not that great.

MoviesJoy is our penultimate choice because it not only offers a better database than the previous but also provides more searching capabilities with filters on genre, year, quality, and country.

5. YesMovies

Finally, we introduce you to YesMovies if you do not know about it already. With all the previous qualities combined but with better speed and quicker updates, YesMovies ranks on top.

It also offers a requesting feature where you can request a movie title and your desire fulfilled in a very short amount of time. This service ads video on demand to its already so enormous database of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free online. So, what are you waiting for, huh?